Wave therapy is an excellent addition to a wellness plan or program.  During a wave therapy session sound waves penetrate every cell in the body, unlike massage therapy which can only infiltrate the superficial tissue (muscle).

Wave therapy produces an immediate improvement in nitric oxide production , overall circulation, and parasympathetic nervous system activation, which shows the body is able to minimize stress and dedicate resources to recovery and decreasing inflammation.

nitric oxide


nervous system



Wave therapy also stimulates the proliferation of healthy mitochondria which are the energy factories of the cell. After pre and post  sessions of only a single one hour treatment we can see reduction in inflammation and an increase in cellular health. Phase angle testing measures cellular health and is a measurement of the integrity of the cell membrane which  is considered to be among the best predictors of overall health.

Adding wave therapy is the best natural, non-pharmaceutical way to reduce inflammation, which is the root of most disease processes.

Live better, live well with wave therapy.

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