Are there any negative side-effects?

No. In over ten years, not one negative side-effect has emerged.


Can the volume of the Medsonix™ tone be harmful?

No. In order to conduct university studies Medsonix™ was required to retain an independent audiologist to measure the decibel levels generated by a Medsonix™ Therapy System. Results confirmed decibel and frequency levels that Medsonix™ utilizes are not harmful to humans.


Is any specific clothing required during Medsonix™ Treatments?

No special clothing is required, however, logically it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes.


Can a Medsonix™ treatment interfere with pacemakers, shunts or any other device implanted in the body?

No. In more than 10 years, there has never been even one incidence of a negative reaction or contraindication of any kind to a Medsonix™ treatment.


Will a Medsonix™ treatment interfere in any way with the medications I currently take?

No. In no way does Medsonix™ negatively impact the body in relation to medication(s) being taken. However, there have been numerous instances of individuals having dosages reduced after having had a Medsonix™ treatment.


Are Medsonix™ treatments covered by insurance companies or Medicare, Medicaid?

Not yet. However, the cost of a Medsonix™ therapy is about the same as a typical co-payment. It is perceivable that as awareness increases as to effectiveness of Medsonix™ treatments, insurance companies and/or Medicare, Medicaid may actually require Medsonix™ treatments prior to scheduling certain surgeries. Efforts are underway to promote Medsonix™ treatments to insurance companies. We believe Medsonix™ is a viable step in lowering health care cost. We welcome all assistance and contacts to further this endeavor.


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